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Social Connect Review - How To Get Leads With This NEW Comment System

Social Connect Review - How To Get Leads With This NEW Comment System

Social Connect Review And Bonus - How To Get Leads With This NEW Comment System

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Student comments are always the heart and soul of this blog, and during busy months we could field some 3,000 of them a week.
So far we have done this for a simpler system than the one used by most sections NYTimes.com, but on May 6, we are finally joining the rest of the paper - and getting all the bells and whistles that go with the.
There are many advantages to the change for teachers and students, but there are also a few new features that might confuse longtime readers. We have all the games, with screen shots.
There is one thing you need to know right away, however: For a commentary on the Social Connect system, you must first register sites at NYTimes.com.
This means that teachers who want to log into a whole class should take a few minutes to each student individually register.
Follow the instructions below if you need help, but we hope that once you get past that first hurdle, you'll find the new system worthwhile.
Ask? Complaints? We chose to switch systems of May, at a time of year when the blog is relatively quiet, but we know technology transitions can cause headache, no matter when they happen.

What are the advantages of this new system?

Lots. You can:

Reply to comments.
Students or teachers can now react to others and see easily the conversation.
"Recommended" the comments of others - and your own review recommended.
If you like or agree with a comment made by someone else, click on the "recommend" button at the bottom is easy. These comments then have their own tab, so you can scan them all.
Comment on Learning Network messages via mobile devices.
Once registered, each student can use his or Social Connect By Sam Bakker to reply to a message, to reply to another commenter or recommend messages.
See comments Learning Network editors recommend.
You can visit our old "comments of the moment" function, which we have emphasized remind favorite student messages. This replaces it, but it is much more elegant. While we probably will not recommend responses to each item, we are planning to do it for many, if not most, of our daily Student Opinion questions.
Choose to receive an email when your response is published.
Social Connect Bonus will be especially useful for our contest and students will no longer have to hunt for their posts.
Sort comments in several ways with one click.
Choose newest first, oldest first, reader recommendations, selections editor and reactions Learning Network editors have responded.
So, for example, here is a screenshot of a recent discussion on the Motherlode blog about a child with learning differences.
You can see the last paragraph of the comment from a reader, then a response from another reader, then the reaction of the author of the message itself




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